The iPad gets a keyboard

OK this is very cool – I’ve just added a keyboard to my iPad, as I hope to do some consistent blog-posting while I’m on my Thailand journey. Observation: it’s a very SMALL keyboard. My fingers are stumbling all over one another as the scramble to get out of one another’s way.

I suppose if I had ever learned to type – which I absolutely REFUSED to do, lest I end up in the “typing pool” in some office (if you haven’t any idea what that is, watch a few episodes of Mad Men – it’s where women were chained to their typewriters like the galley slaves in Les Mis, pushing out business correspondence), one of the few jobs women were deemed worthy of in the 1950s – each of my fingers would know its place and the keyboard traffic would be a lot more regulated.

Alas, I’m still a two- to four-fingered typist and am likely to remain so. The keyboard definitely has it all over the punch-button method of writing that I could do on the iPad alone, though. Cursor buttons! A tab key! Not to mention a group of clickables at the bottom of the screen I don’t know how to use yet.

Fair warning, then. This solo traveller has just found a new in indulgence to pursue while sitting all by her lonesome at cafe tables worldwide. Let the blogs begin!



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