Some good, some not so, about the Brookstone keyboard for iPad

I’m still loving the ability to type – as opposed to punch – text on my iPad. I don’t know if these minor whines are particular to the Brookstone keyboard I’m using, or true for all add-on keyboards, but…

It works only in horizontal. I can’t turn the iPad to a page-view format.

It’s cumbersome when I’m not using the keypad. if I want to use the touchscreen only, to play Words With Friends or Lumosity games or to read an iBook, folding the keyboard back and away is awkward.

The screen angle works best on a tabletop. The keyboard and iPad are at an immutable 85 degree angle to one another, which will be terrific when writing at the afore-mentioned cafe table (steaming latte alongside – I wonder if there are croissant in Chiang Mai like there are in Vientiane?), but writing with the keyboard on my lap makes me push my elbows back like a chicken’s wing and keep my head stretched forward like a turtle on the move. I am more in danger of developing the Horrible Hump that old ladies and writers are prone to.

It’s HEAVY! The iPad alone was beautiful in its near-weightless condition. With the keyboard attached, it’s a perceptible weight in my shoulder bag.


The Brookstone keyboard is rechargeable. I believe (from what I read while researching keyboards on Amazon and Apple Store) that other keyboards work off AA batteries – this Brookstone is rechargeable and says it will go for 90 hours on a full charge.

The keys are real, spring-back style, not spaces etched into a flat plastic surface. I’m sure that feature adds to the weight, but it feels more familiar under my fingers. It even makes a nice clicky sound when I hit the keys, tickety tick.



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