IMG_0381 I really am a grandmother; I’ll post a picture of my grandson Michael as soon as I can figure out how to do it. I was born in 1949, so I am far from being a digital native.

Travel and gardening – two mutually exclusive activities – are my dual passions. I’m in the early stages of developing a travel business, Happy Go Lucky Travels. (Have look at my website at happygoluckytravels.com.) This is the next in my hopscotch career path: special education teacher, graphic designer, ESL teacher, travel agent.

I am a recovering addict – mostly booze, with liberal doses of cocaine, marijuana, and whatever-you’ve-got. I’ve been in recovery for about ten years, with two relapses; my current status is 2+ years clean. I faithfully attend NA meetings.


Hey, I did it! Here’s a picture of Michael and his mom & my daughter Tatiana.

For forty years I lived in New England – southeastern Vermont, and then Boston, Massachusetts. Three years ago I moved to coastal Georgia USA to be near my Dad, who will celebrate his 90th birthday this month. The two places could hardly be more different: Vermont is hills and woods, while my part of Georgia is flat and a flounder & mostly water and marsh. Vermont is shivering cold from October through May; south Georgia in August is too hot to go outside. (We all have A/C.)


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